christmas tree

We went down to Half Moon Bay a couple weeks ago to get our Christmas tree. We started this tradition last year, when we cut down our own tree for the first time. It's a nice excuse to go down to the coast and let a certain little dog run on the beach...

...and take flight!

It's not exactly a White Christmas, but taking a walk on the beach seems like a good California-style Christmas tradition to me. Once Dexter had his fill of running around like crazy, we found a tree and headed home (sorry, I forgot to take photos of me as a lumberjack).

When it came time to buy my own Christmas ornaments a few years ago, I decided I should stick with a theme to help narrow down all the choices. Naturally, I chose the theme "animals wearing hats". Eventually I expanded it to also include animals wearing scarves, or other winter accessories. These little guys are this year's additions to my collection.

And some of the birds wearing hats that started it all...

Our tree! Now I just have to finish wrapping presents...and make the world's most delicious Gingerbread cake.

P.S. I'll be taking a little break from blogging this week to celebrate the holiday, see you in 2014!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

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