gift guide: girly girl

If you've got a girly girl on your list, whether it's your mom, your younger cousin, or your BFF, you've come to the right place. If she likes dressing up, smelling good, and all things sparkly, this list of presents is sure to make her smile. 

Lipstick Holder: $28.
This lipstick holder is the kind of fanciful item most people wouldn't buy themselves, but that makes it all the more luxurious and fun to receive as a gift! What girly girl wouldn't be delighted to display this on her vanity? If you want to help her start filling it up, Anthropologie's Albeit Lipsticks (pictured here in the pretty gold tubes) fit the bill nicely.

Soy Candle: $42, Bath Salts: $28, Bar Soap: $12
Hand in Hand's line of bath products and candles are quite the over-achievers. Not only are their products all natural and eco-friendly, they donate a bar of soap and a month of clean water to a child in need AND 50 sq ft of rainforest is saved for every product purchased. And you thought one-for-one shoes were virtuous! The adorable packaging and lovely scents certainly don't hurt either.

Umbella Ring Dish: $8
This cute little umbrella ring dish is the perfect catch-all for rings and small jewelry. She can leave it by the bedside for those earrings you forget to take off before bed, or by the sink for rings you remove before washing up. Plus, who can resist those shiny polka dots!

Set of 4 Bobby Pins: $10
Every girl can always use more bobby pins or clips for her hair, so why not add a little color and sparkle to her collection? This set of Bobby Pins comes in a variety of colors, so there's one to match every outfit or mood.

Sweet Nothings Necklace: $40
For the gal who doesn't like things too saccharine sweet, In God We Trust's Sweet Nothings necklaces are hand-engraved with sayings that are a bit edgier than your typical heart necklace (warning: some are NSFW). For an extra $10, you can order one with a custom message, like a nickname or an inside joke. 

Flower Recipe Book: $25
The Flower Recipe book is gorgeous enough just to gaze at on the coffee table, but it's even better as a resource for someone who wants to learn more about flowers. The step-by-step "recipes" are designed to help even beginners create arrangements with the loose, modern aesthetic of today's most popular florists. Bonus points: gift it with a bouquet of fresh flowers, or this little set of bud vases

Fleece-lined Tights: $35
These fleece-lined tights are perfect for the girl who refuses to give up wearing dresses even in freezing temps. Though they look like stylish tights from the outside, the fleece lining will make her feel like she's secretly wearing sweats all winter long. 

[Top photo via The Glitter Guide]

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