gift guide: gold digger

Ok, ok, so my last gift guide of the season isn't really just limited to ladies looking to score a rich husband. But when I noticed how many metallic items there were on my list of potential gifts, well, I just couldn't help myself. So here's a round-up of great gifts for those attracted to shiny things, whatever their social aspirations may be...

Rose Gold Nail Polish: $18
Coat her in gold from tip to toe with this Rose Gold nail polish. This lustrous color is metallic without being full of glitter, making it sophisticated enough for gold diggers of any age. 

Gold Dipped Tote: $45
This Dipped Tote from Baggu combines two of my favorite things- stripes and gold! Sure to make her next trip to the market or beach a little fancier. If you want to get really fancy, you can also add a monogram.

California Necklace: $58
A gold California necklace seems the only fitting way to show off her love of the golden state. The other fifty states are also available for those that aren't California dreamin'. 

Glam Sneakers: $39
These Glam Sneakers are perfect for the girl who always likes to be wearing a little gold, even for a casual trip to the store. The gilt tongue adds a fun pop of metallic, but is subtle enough to keep them wearable for everyday.

Magnetic Polaframes: $18
The only way to improve on the look of vintage polaroids? Frame them in gold, of course! Add a touch of gold to the snapshots on their fridge with a set of these magnetic Gold Polaframes

Gold-Dipped Playing Cards: $18
Regular old playing cards aren't really her style. Bring a little glamour to her next poker game with these Gold-Dipped Playing Cards.

Food Finish: 24 Euros (about $34)
Take their love of gold to a whole new level with this Gold Food Finish. This food-safe spray paint can be used to make any of your food appear to be made of solid gold! It's not available for shipping to the US yet, so it will be even more impressive if you can manage to smuggle some in from Germany. 

[top image from InStyle via The Goods Design]

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