gift guide: the dude

Boyfriends, husbands, brothers...Dudes of all kinds can be tough to shop for. Don't give up and just buy them slippers again- try one of these awesome gifts instead:

Bike Chain Bottle Opener: $10 
Know a dude who likes beer and bikes (who doesn't)? This genius bottle opener made from recycled bike parts brings his two loves together to make something both novel and useful. Handmade in Oregon (where else?).

Printed Growler: $15.
For the dude who takes his love of beer to the next level and brews his own, this printed growler is a great way to show off his homebrew. Also good for Jay-Z fans with large amounts of liquid to store. 

Scratch off World Map: $34
If your dude loves to travel (or maybe you want to inspire him to plan more trips), this scratch off world map is a fun way to document his travels. If he's more of a domestic traveller, they also make one for the USA

Beard Oil: $26
Help your dude take care of his beard with this all natural beard oil. It softens the hair and moisturizes the skin underneath- which I hear can get dry and itchy this time of year. He'll like the rustic wooden packaging and manly Cedarwood scent. You'll like that he's not secretly using your expensive moisturizer anymore. 

Hooray Sports shirt: $28
This Hooray Sports t-shirt is funny whether he's an actual sports fan, or just likes to hang out at sports bars for the free nachos. 

It's Casual Cap: $36
Hey there dude, no need to get too dressed up. Keep it casual with this beach-inspired ballcap from M. Carter. Be sure to check out the awesome t-shirts and totes he designs as well. 

Shark Socks: $9
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! There's a shark, no, it's two sharks!! They're biting that guy's leg...no, wait...he's just wearing shark socks.

[Top photo from Dwell April 2011 via Abby Stopper]

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