gift guide: the pencil pusher

Pencil pusher, desk jockey, paper person- whatever affectionate nicknames you may have for the desk dweller in your life, it seems one can never have enough office supplies. Does their desk need a little sprucing up? Or maybe you just want to find a little something to compliment their extensive sticky note collection?

Mid Century Design Scissors: $54
Everyone should own a really great pair of scissors. Once you start cutting with a nicely aligned, sharp pair of scissors, it's hard to go back to the plastic-handled variety. These hand forged Italian scissors are particularly beautiful.

Jute Spool with Scissors: $14
This slightly more rustic (and wallet-friendly) pair of scissors is certain to come in handy. These petite brass scissors tuck into the spool of twine, so they'll always be at the ready (and not lost in your desk drawer). 

Wooden Tape Dispenser: $24
The graceful lines and brass details of this wooden tape dispenser could class up even the most drab cubicle. It's currently featured as part of Notable, Rifle Paper Co's selection of their favorite office supplies. Really, it'd be hard to go wrong with any of their picks. 

Set of 10 Recycled Pencils: $11
 How great would a cup full of these mint pencils look on a desk? No pencil pusher should be without a stash of pretty pencils! Etsy seller MoxiePear hand makes these pencils from recycled paper in all the colors of the rainbow. 

Crocodile clips: $9.50
Doing paperwork is bound to be more exciting with these little crocodile paper clips snapping it up! They are also available in dogs, whales, elephants, and birds. 

Endless Notes: $54
Compulsive list makers (like me) are sure to appreciate this endless notes dispenser. The steel frame can be mounted on a wall or placed on a desk for never-ending shopping lists, to-do lists, messages, etc, etc, etc. Features an integrated pencil holder and a serrated edge so you can easily tear off your latest list. 

Black & White Frame: $30
Everyone likes having framed photos at their desk. The one problem is that the person sitting at the desk gets to see the photo, but everyone else has to stare at the ugly back of the frame. This simple striped frame offers a solution. The black and white stripes continue on the back of the frame, so one side gets the photo, the other side gets stripes! It's a win-win. Also available in pink.

Log & Squirrel Planter: $30

Nothing brightens up an office area like plants. Except, of course, plants in log-shaped planters with a squirrel peaking out! Bonus: this is actually a self-watering planter designed for even the blackest of thumbs. Just fill the log with water and the squirrel will pop up. The plant will drink what it needs, and then when the squirrel disappears, you know its time to refill. 

[top photo via Trendland]

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