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Happy New Year! Can you believe it's 2014?! Was your holiday season as hectic as mine? If you didn't quite get all your holiday cards sent out this year, don't fret, it's not too late to send New Year's cards. It's OK if your card didn't arrive by the first, a new year's card can be a nice way to send a thank you, or let someone know how happy you were to see them during the holidays.  Plus, any mail received in January that isn't a credit card statement is sure to be appreciated.
Here are some of my favorite cards for the new year:

Let Paper Source sum up your wishes for the new year in beautiful typography and gold foil, with a fancy gold envelope to boot!

This pretty card from Carolyn Suzuki could be used for wishing a happy 2014, or as a clever card for the Chinese Lunar New Year (it falls on January 31st this year- so you're early!). 

Nothing will brighten a January day like a dancing champagne bottle and party hats! Hello Lucky sure knows how to party. 

Send this card from La Familia Green soon, before everyone starts giving up on their resolution to hit the gym more.

For those who haven't exactly started their year with clean closets and kale smoothies, Emily McDowell has your back. 

...or you can just fess up to sending a late holiday card with this hilarious melting snowman card from Dear Hancock

[Top "Holy Crap" card from Emily McDowell]

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