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Are you planning to watch the Superbowl this Sunday? I'm not much of a football fan- I've had many people try to explain the rules to me, but I just don't care enough to try to figure out what's going on. 3rd down? Who cares. I'll tell you what I am of fan of though: snacks! Football is a great excuse to eat all those unhealthy foods that only seem like a good idea after you've had a brewski or two.

We've hosted quite a few Superbowl parties over the years, but this year, I've decided to drop the pretense of "watching the game" and just invite a few friends over to watch the Puppy Bowl and eat snacks (OK, we might watch the half-time show). Here are the guilty-pleasure Superbowl snacks I'll be making:

Buffalo wings! I have a not-so-secret love of chicken wings and have tried many recipes for making them at home. Serious Eats' recipe for Oven-fried Buffalo Wings requires a few steps and some planning in advance, but is still way easier than trying to deep fry them on the stove. Oven frying is a great way to make wings for a crowd, and they turn out super delicious. Serious Eats has really done their homework on this one, you can read all about the extensive R&D behind this recipe here.

Nacho Cheese! I'm telling you, these Serious Eats dudes are really serious about their eats. Their ingenious Cheese Sauce recipe is so simple and delicious I want to make it every day (except I might have a heart attack). This recipe doesn't require you to make a bechamel, or use any fancy equipment- if you can melt cheese and stir, you can make it. And it's made with real cheese and only four ingredients, so you can feel a little better about eating it (at least better than eating that weird nacho cheese that comes in a jar). Pro-tip: don't use pre-shredded cheese, the extra starch it's coated with will mess things up.

What are your favorite guilty-pleasure snacks? Any good recipes?

[Top photo from Blisstree, center and bottom photo from Serious Eats]

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