palette picks: papaya sherbet

Santa brought me this Komono watch for Christmas and I'm obsessed with the color. At first, I was worried it wouldn't be versatile enough to wear frequently, but I've been wearing it everyday and loving how it looks with everything in my closet.  I've dubbed this color Papaya Sherbet- its just like a light, milky take on the tropical fruit. It's a pale, pinky orange, but still retains some intensity despite being a pastel.

I recently saw this color featured as one of the new colors at Paper Source (they're calling it coral), so it looks like I'm not the only one who loves it.

Read on for some of my favorite colors to pair with Papaya Sherbet:

paired with a poppy red for a fresh take on red and pink

it's sunny and springy with a light, buttery yellow

 an unexpected pop against olive green

 a cool contrast with bright navy

and it brightens up a rusty, cognac brown.

Hope you enjoyed today's new feature. Stay tuned for more Palette Picks as I find new colors to obsess over. What are your favorite colors these days?

[top photo from Technicolor Kitchen]

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