places to go in 2014

The NY Times just released their list of the 52 places to go in 2014. Cape Town, South Africa took the top spot this year. Three places in California made the list: the Mendocino Coast, Downtown LA, and Lake Tahoe (remember when everyone freaked out that Oakland was included in the 2012 list?).

Where would you go if you had your pick? Would you like to hike an active volcano in Indonesia? Explore one of the world's largest caves in Vietnam? Hang out with snow monkeys in Japan? Or would you prefer a more relaxed vacation spent on the luxurious beaches of the Seychelles?

Personally, I'm dying to visit the Arctic Circle to see the northern lights. They're supposed to be especially dramatic this year! I'd love to see them from Iceland (another spot featured on the list).

Where would you love to travel? Check out their recommendations and some amazing photos here.

 [All images from The New York Times. Top photo by Justin Mott, center by Michael Poliza, and bottom by Tim Graham]

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