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Hello from Florida! I'm pretty busy soaking up the rays and eating oranges with dolphins, but thought I'd still post a few links for your Monday morning. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram if you want to stalk me, er, check out my photos of the weird and wonderful state of Florida.

Posting this might get me kicked out of Florida, but it only seems appropriate to link to this Atlantic article  about how orange juice shouldn't be thought of as a healthy drink. Warning: Though I'm always glad to learn more about the foods I eat and drink, I kind of wish I could forget I read this article. I don't want to have to stop drinking orange juice!!

Still have Olympic fever? Have you seen these frame by frame photos from the NY Times? Mind-blowing! I'm still not sure what some of the skiers are doing during their jumps though...

Have you been eating a lot of tea, cauliflower, and freekeh so far this year? Do you know what the hell freekeh is? You may be eating it soon. It's one of the food trends for 2014, according to these (quite similar) articles from NPR and Refinery29.

[Orange crate photo via Postcard Roundup, Oranges photo from The Atlantic via A Cup of Jo, Olympics photo from the New York Times, Tea photo via NPR]

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