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Yea! It's a cookbook party over here! OK, that might be over-hyping it a bit, but I have been feeling like jumping for joy lately with all the new cookbooks we've been getting in at the shop. As a serious cookbook fan, I always love this time of year, and have to stop myself from buying them all. I thought I'd share a peak at some of the recently released cookbooks I've had my eye on:

Side note: see if you can pick up on a theme in the design of these cookbook covers 

OK, ok, so the real party is actually in this book. Trophy Cupcakes & Parties  is so chock-full of great party and decorating ideas (not to mention delicious recipes) that I dare you to look through it and not want to bust the streamers out. I'm actually wearing a party hat right now.

The photography in Feast is so beautiful that I would gladly become a vegetarian if it meant all my meals could look like this book. The recipes don't disappoint either: they really do look like generous, satisfying meals, instead of the vegetable side dishes that some vegetarian cookbooks try to pass off as dinner.

I won't lie, if I buy A La Mere de Famille it's going to be because its pretty. Like, really pretty. Just look at that striking orange and hunter green cover (plus the sides of the pages are bright orange!). Sure, I'm unlikely to make any of the old-school fancy french desserts contained in it's pages, but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy looking at them. The photos of candied fruits (a whole pineapple!) blew my mind a little bit. 
The French Market Cookbook brings us more vegetarian recipes that look delicious enough to make me forsake meat. Though Clotilde, the blogger behind Chocolate and Zucchini, is not a vegetarian herself, she developed recipes to showcase the delicious produce of the farmer's market. Healthy French food without meat, and often no dairy or gluten? How can it be? Intriguing!

A book about ramen written by a Jewish dude from New York? Sounds questionable, yes. But once you delve into Ivan Ramen and discover how obsessed this dude is with making the best ramen, you may change your mind. I'm thinking of buying this book for my husband in the hope that it will inspire him to make me lots of delicious ramen. 

Breakfast is my favorite meal. So Breakfast for Dinner sounds right up my alley. I'm more than happy to eat the standard bacon-and-eggs breakfast fare for dinner (or anytime really), but this book takes classic breakfast foods and puts a different spin on them to make savory, dinner-worthy meals. 

OK, I almost didn't include this book because it really didn't work visually with the other ones. Did you notice the theme? Isn't it funny that almost all the above books had black, chalkboard style covers with white type? It's purely a coincidence (and one I didn't notice until I uploaded all the photos together), but I believe the chalkboard trend has officially made it's way into publishing, eh?

Anyway, I decided I couldn't leave out Whole-Grain Mornings just because of the color of its cover (I'm not a book racist). I'm too excited by the prospect of all the delicious breakfast recipes! I always want sweet, baked things in the morning, so I figure they may be easier to justify if they've at least got some whole grains in the mix. Mmm, now I want pancakes...

[Top photo from Trophy Cupcakes & Parties via Scout Blog. Photo by Rina Jordan]

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