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I thought I'd switch things up a bit this Monday and share some fun links to get your week off to a good start. First up, the best 11 seconds you'll spend all day : watch the reaction after a penguin slips on the ice.

I am officially obsessed with the dressing from A Cup of Jo's Kale Caesar Salad. Making Caesar dressing with raw eggs makes me nervous, so I love that this one doesn't use any raw eggs or mayo. It's still creamy, but with a bright, salty bite to it. Tip: this recipe is easy to make, but does require you to dirty quite a few dishes, so go ahead and double or triple the recipe. It keeps for a couple weeks, and you'll have no problem using it. It's delicious with kale, lettuce, and as a dip for artichokes.

Big eyebrows are definitely making a comeback. Amelia from The Man Repeller recently grew her eyebrows out to look more "fashion-y" for Fashion Week. As someone with naturally wild eyebrows, this trend does sounds appealing to me, but it seems like it could be tricky to pull off. What do you think- are you in to big, bold brows?

Am I the only one that missed the memo that H&M is now selling their home collection online? Looks like I'm about six months late to this party, but they do have some cute new releases for spring. A lot of their stuff is a little too trendy for my taste, but they do have some cute accessories to brighten up your home on the cheap. I like this striped pillow, these pastel tea light holders, and these southwestern jacquard pillows.

And in case you're doing any shopping this President's Day, Refinery 29 has a full round-up of all the sales.

[From top: penguins from National Geographic, Caesar salad from A Cup of Jo, Arizona Muse eyebrows via Man Repeller, pillows from H&M]

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