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Are you ready for Valentine's Day next week? I have mixed feelings about it myself. Of course I love the red and pink everywhere, and I'll never question an excuse to eat candy, but the whole thing can get a bit cheesy. I'm not so into mediocre prix fixe dinners and forced romance. I'd much rather get flowers on random Tuesday than on the day my husband was pressured into buying a $45 bouquet of roses because he's supposed to. Plus, even though it's been an unbelievably long time since I've been a single lady, I can't help but feel like Valentine's Day is a conspiracy to make single people feel bad. I much prefer the little kid's version of Valentine's: eat sweets all day and exchange silly cards with your friends. 

Here's a few of my favorite cards to give, whether you're celebrating Valentine's this year, or even better, Galentine's Day

Embrace the cheese of Valentine's Day with some vintage puns! Laughing Elephant sells three different styles of assorted Vintage Valentines. They've got that great old-fashioned quality of being both charming and totally bizarre at the same time - send them to all your friends!

Flash-back to elementary school with these adorable Valentines from eeBoo. Technically I guess these are made for children, but with those ridiculously cute animals and die-cut hearts, I certainly wouldn't mind receiving one in the mail. Throw in a box of conversation hearts and you're good to go. 

More cute animals that want to wish you a Happy Valentine's day! Make sure it's a day chock-full of puns with these hand-printed cards from Red Bat Press.

[top Valentine is for sale on ebay- where there are a ton of rad vintage valentines!]

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