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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Celebrating the holiday with a little green tea? Or green beer? Stay tuned this week, I'll be talking tea with a special guest blogger! 

Until then, here's a few links for your Monday:

My friends at Oakland Bakes just posted an awesome video showing the steps of making a cake. I helped a bit with the styling, and I'm so thrilled with how fun the video turned out! Watch it here

Do you know how strong the caffeine is in your morning coffee or tea? According to this article from NPR, a tablespoon of straight caffeine can kill you! Read the full article here

If you're looking to justify your daydreaming or people-watching habits, check out this article from the Huffington Post about characteristics of highly creative people. 

Have you tried Songza online music streaming? I'm officially in love- it's like a friend with great taste has made a playlist of just what you want to hear. The site asks you what kind of music you feel like listening to, and then offers you a choice of categories. Right now, I'm listening to "coffee shop indie". They just changed it so now you have to listen to one ad before the music starts, but that's not a bad deal for free music! 

[top tea photo by Michael Pieracci, video photo from Oakland Bakes, coffee photo from NPR, color disc photo by Andy Ryan via the Huffington Post, radio photo via Apartment Therapy]

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