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I've been slowly amassing a collection of simple stacking rings over the last year or so, and I can't get enough of them. I used to be more into wearing silver, but unfortunately, my love for gold seems to have developed just as the price of gold went through the roof a few years ago. Catbird (the undisputed queens of stacking rings) makes some of my favorite rings, but I can only buy so many solid gold pieces before I start dipping into my grocery budget. I recently turned to Etsy for some more wallet-friendly options, and I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality. If you're looking to build some stacks on the cheap, here are two of my favorite shops:

Modern Chromatic has a great selection of thin, hammered bands. Her gold rings are made from gold-filled wire (14k gold bonded to a base of brass), which is obviously not as fancy as solid gold, but is more durable than gold-plating or solid brass. Before I ordered this set, I was skeptical of what the quality would be like since they were so inexpensive (3 rings for $23!), but so far, so good! I haven't taken them off for the last 2 months and they still look as shiny and new as they day I got them. Plus, their shipping was lightning-fast and they arrived in a cute little package with a free polishing cloth!

Stefanie Sheehan is another Etsy seller with affordable options. She makes rings in a variety of interesting, modern shapes. She offers most of her jewelry in either solid gold or gold-filled, depending on how much of a baller you are. I received this three spike beauty for my birthday last September, and I couldn't be happier with it.

Both of these sellers offer rings in a wide variety of sizes, so you can stack from your thumb all the way to the tip of your pinkie! For more of my ring picks, check out my Pinterest page.

[Top image from Odette NY via Triple Max Tons, Middle photo from Modern Chromatic, Bottom from Stefanie Sheehan]

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