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Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper is here! They have partnered with Hygge & West to create a collection of six wallpaper patterns, with each available in 4-5 colorways. And of course, they're amazing.

I have literally been counting down the days until these were released, even though I'm really in no position to be putting up wallpaper in my rental. That won't stop me from daydreaming about which patterns I would choose for my future dream house though...
Not surprisingly, the florals are right on point. Two of Rifle's iconic floral prints were included in the collection, Peonies and Rosa. My landlord couldn't possibly get mad if I covered my walls in something this gorgeous, right?!

I was a bit surprised by how much I am in love with the patterns available on a black background, like the Pineapple and the Queen Anne. I'm usually drawn to lighter colors, but I can't resist the high contrast with that metallic gold! They're so moody and dramatic! I think these would be perfect for a small powder room. Or the world's prettiest closet. 

Someone with kids needs to get the Safari print installed tout de suite! Just look at that little elephant!

Check out Hygge & West for the full collection. For fellow renters out there (or those afraid of commitment), they do sell some removable wallpaper tiles. No Rifle prints yet, but there are some good options (my fave is the Otomi). Hygge & West, if you're reading, maybe you could offer removable options in some of the Rifle prints? Pretty please??

[All images via Hygge & West]

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