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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I helped throw a graduation party for my friend Kait (photos to come!), and I've been working on organizing our spare bedroom to make it more of a functional office. I still have a ways to go before it can really be called anything other than "the room where we stash all our crap and close the door" though. 

Fashionable Selby is my new favorite coffee table book. Like the other books in his series, Todd Selby gives you a behind-the-scenes peak into the studios and lives of a really interesting mix of fashion designers, stylists, shoemakers, and more. This book is like an explosion of inspiration- I feel like I could look at the photos over and over and still notice something new each time. 

How rad is this banana-themed birthday party from The Alison Show?! I love her creative use of relatively simple paper decorations (the Arrested Development banana stand reference might be my favorite part!). She really knows how to take a theme and run with it- even if she does spell Allison wrong ;)

The Songza playlist Good Ol' Timey Eatin' is full of fun and hilarious old songs about food. Great for a listen while you're making dinner. Plus, it features this gem from Doris Day, a.k.a my new theme song. Lyrics don't get much better than, "Must admit your kisses would be missed, but how in the world could I exist without tacos, enchiladas, and beans", amiright??

[top two photos from the Fashionable Selby, banana party photo from The Alison Show, taco photo from Chow]

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