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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Who's ready for a margarita? I love this festive tabletop from Dish Wish Events! Be sure to follow them on Instagram for more great tabletop inspiration.

No one around here was surprised by this NY Times article comparing Oakland to Brooklyn. In fact, the only thing surprising is that it was just published this week. I feel like I've been reading versions of this article for the last 5 years- usually the NY Times isn't so late to the party.

Delancey, the second book from Molly Wizenberg (of the lovely blog Orangette) comes out tomorrow. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! I loved her first book, and all it's many delicious recipes, so I'm sure Delancey will not disappoint. You can order a signed copy here.

Did you hear that we may have reached peak beard? A new study has found that now that dudes everywhere are sporting huge lumberjack beards, clean shaven men are going to start to be perceived as more attractive. What do you think? Are you pro-beard? I'm a little dubious that guys who have gotten used to not shaving are going to be rushing to the store to buy a new razor...

[Tabletop photo from Dish Wish, Oakland photos by Thor Swift for the NY Times, Delancey photo by Molly Wizenberg for Orangette, Tom Hanks photo via NY mag]

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