kinda inspired: kerry cassill

I am a big fan of mixing prints in my home, and I'm constantly being inspired by the prints of bedding and clothing designer Kerry Cassill. All of her prints are block-printed by hand in India on the some of the softest cotton around. The block printing gives her prints an imperfect, handmade look that I love.

She releases about six collections of prints per year in a wide array of florals, geometrics, stripes, and traditional Indian motifs. In spite of how often she releases new prints, she is able to keep her aesthetic constant enough that it's possible to mix and match between collections and have it all work together. 

My current favorite prints are (from top): pink taffy, teal small multi, pink plaid, putty ash, and stripe floral. I want to combine them all to make a totally crazy (and very pink) bed! 

[All images via Kerry Cassill]

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