halloween costumes

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? A sexy pizza? If you've been procrastinating like me and don't have a costume yet, the internet has some good ideas for you:

Buzzfeed has a round-up of hair tutorials to take a basic costume to the next level (some of these are definitely beyond my hair braiding ability, but this Medusa one looks pretty easy)

Refinery29 has 3 ideas for last minute costumes under $25 (although I think #2 could potentially be free if you just go the dry cleaner and ask them for a few plastic bags and hangers)

The Huffington Post has some clever- and mostly easy- costume ideas (I like the "guy in a hurricane").

Also, did you see Kristin Schaal's send up of sexy costumes on The Daily Show? Hilarious. 

[sexy pizza photo from bonanza.com]

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