the status of my statice

Here I present to you a rather unremarkable vase of flowers. 
But what if I told you this bouquet was OVER A MONTH OLD!?! 

You may recognize this bunch of Statice from this post  I did way back on May 6th:

As you can see from the two photos, the stems have yellowed, but the flowers have held up beautifully.  Had I known I was going to keep them this long, I may have hung them up and dried them properly. As it was, I just left them in the vase and they dried themselves. They never really got gross, though I think it helps they are in an opaque container, as the stems aren't looking too pretty. The flowers held up so well, I didn't even realize how long I'd had them until I went back to check the date of that post. 

Statice come in a whole range of pretty colors. Apparently they are one of the most popular flowers for dried arrangements (though I did not realize that when I dried mine accidentally). I've never been a big fan of dried flowers, I usually think of them as being brown and shriveled, but this bright pink dried Statice might change my mind. It's so nice to have "fresh" flowers that last for more than a week!

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