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Every summer, I search high and low for a good sunscreen to protect my pale, freckled skin. After reading the Environmental Working Group's report on sunscreens a few years ago, I've been determined to find a natural option that works. Did you know that most sunscreens are loaded with questionable chemicals, many of which don't even do a good job of protecting you from the sun? It's pretty scary stuff. 

I've tried a whole range of natural sunscreens looking for a safer option. My biggest complaint about most natural sunscreens is the milky white film that can leave you looking like you're ready to join a mime troupe. Some of them are so thick and sticky that they're impossible to rub in. A few that are more sheer turned out to be ineffective and left me with a sunburn. I like Erbaviva sunscreen for everyday use on my face, but the tiny tube isn't practical for trips to the beach. 

Not to fear, I have finally found a sunscreen that lives up to all my requirements. Goddess Garden Organics' Sunny Body is the best! 

Goddess Garden is recommended by the EWG in their guide to safer sunscreens. The 92% organic, mineral-based cream is not too thick and rubs in well with no ghost face residue. Most importantly, it works! 

After using it on a recent camping trip, neither me nor my husband got a sunburn. I usually burn fairly easily, so I was shocked to not be the least bit pink after two days out on a river in full sun.  It also lived up to its water resistant claims despite my failure to reapply after two hours. 

Though not cheap, Goddess Garden is actually relatively inexpensive for a natural sunscreen. The 8oz spray bottle is $24 and large enough to get me through the whole summer.  For something that is safe and will actually protect your skin, it's worth it! I bought mine locally from Pharmaca.

[Top photo from Found, Sunscreen photo from Goddess Garden]

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