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I just came across National Geographic's incredible tumblr Found and had to share. It features a curated selection of images from their 125-year history, many of which have never been published before. They have posted such a breathtaking and diverse collection of photos, I had a difficult time narrowing down the dozens of photos I wanted to include in this post.

If you do find yourself falling in love with one of the images, you can purchase a print on the National Geographic website. These are such a great option for affordable art. The prices start at only $20 for a fairly large print.

This little peak into their archives has me wanting to start saving my pennies for the digital box set of The Complete National Geographic. It is the full catalog of every issue since 1888, including 200,000 photos. They've even included the old advertisements (which are sometimes even more fascinating than the articles!). Though I'm usually a fan of buying print editions of magazines, even I have to admit it is pretty amazing to have access to all this content in a searchable database. That is, at least until I can find a bookcase that will hold all 1,400 of those yellow back issues..

[All images from Found via Miss Moss]

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