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Have you ever tried to mail something that wasn't boxed or wrapped up? I love a nicely wrapped package as much as the next gal, but this awesome round-up on Pinterest has me re-considering the need for boxes. How fun would it be to get a Frisbee in the mail?

The Post Office will let you mail most items with just the addition of an address and a few stamps. As long as an item is less than 13 ounces, it qualifies for the USPS's first-class shipping rates and can be dropped in a mailbox. 

Check out Giver's Log for tips and more photos of the various things she's successfully mailed. This post I did about mailing packages using stamps might also come in handy.  And if you're looking for more ideas of quirky things to mail, you might want to check out this book.

Happy mailing!

[All photos from Giver's Log]

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