brown paper packages tied up with string

I love sending and receiving packages in the mail, but going to the post office can be a real drag. As if the endless lines and grumpy people weren't bad enough, the postage stickers they use (with the price printed in huge numbers) always seemed so tacky to me.

If there's one thing the post office does do right, its stamps. It seems like they're always coming out with pretty new designs. I like to stock up on the especially great ones when I see them. With a supply of cute stamps at the ready, I can often avoid a trip to the post office when mailing a small package.

The USPS has a postage calculator on their website, which you can use to estimate the postage rate. As long as its a relatively light package, using stamps for the postage is an easy (and much more cute) way to mail it.

If you don't happen to have a postage scale at your disposal, a kitchen scale is a great alternative. In a pinch, I sometimes just estimate a package's weight by comparing it to things around my house.

Does the package weigh more or less than a 15 oz can of beans?

More or less than a Dexter?

I usually add a few extra stamps just to make sure I cover the cost (an extra 50 cents seems like a small price to pay to avoid post office lines).

If the package is under 13oz, you can just pop it in a mailbox. If it weighs more than that, you'll have to drop it off at the post office (though you will get the smug satisfaction of waltzing past the line to drop if off at the counter).

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