pinata numbers

I recently came upon some photos of the decorations from our New Years party last year, and was thinking about how they could be re-worked for a birthday party. I've had birthday ideas on the brain lately (mine is coming up soon, and its a big one!). 

For New Years, my friend Nicole and I constructed a 2011 pinata to be destroyed at midnight. We made each of the numbers separate (only the last 1 was stuffed with anything). When the magic hour was approaching, we hung up the 1 and then took turns beating the crap out of it at the stroke of midnight. The showering of confetti and candy that rained down was a great way to ring in the new year. We then ceremoniously replaced the 1 with a 2 to make the pinata read 2012.

I think this could also be a great way to mark a birthday. Nothing says "I'm done being 29" like beating a pinata in the shape of 29! It might just be the perfect way to begin what I'm sure will be my mature, grown-up thirties!

P.S. You may be wondering "why are there star trek figurines in these photos?". Unfortunately, I have no answers for you. Except to say my friend Michael loves Star Trek. And he may have started sampling the signature cocktails during party setup. And yes, that is Whoppi in the blue suit.

[photos by Michael Pieracci]

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