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It seems like Spring has finally arrived throughout most of the country this week. Everyone seems to be in the mood for spring cleaning - I did a bit of it myself this weekend. Little Green Notebook has a great round-up of homemade natural cleaners (that don't smell like vinegar!). And if those don't work, there's always Plan B

Did you do anything to celebrate Earth Day last week? It's always a great time for making resolutions to be more green. Check out this list of tips for 10 ways to be less wasteful everyday. I'm going to try to implement a few of these into my routine, like using cloth napkins on a daily basis and buying some re-usable mesh bags for produce. And recycling all our cardboard toilet paper rolls- it makes me crazy to think about how many millions of those must get thrown away. 

Have you noticed food prices rising lately? This article in Bon Appetit spells out all the foods expected to be in short supply and more expensive this year- scary stuff. So many delicious things: beef, pork, shrimp, coffee, and limes (which have tripled in price!). It's a good reminder that all our abnormal weather is affecting more than just our moods- time to get serious about those Earth day resolutions! 

Anthropologie has a new collection of ceiling medallions that are making me wish I lived in an old house with high ceilings and crown molding. The smaller options are quite affordable, but even the bigger options seem worth the price for the huge impact they could make in the right room. 

[Vintage woman via The Darling Housekeeper, Napkin photo from West Elm, Shrimp photo from Bon Appetit, Ceiling Medallions from Anthropologie]

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  1. I switched to cloth napkins when we moved and I love it! It's been a surprisingly easy switch and it's really fun to pick out cheery napkins and actually use them. The lime situation is tragic. I confess I've started using lemons in my guacamole - shameful.