invisible bike helmet

How is this girl wearing a bike helmet with her hair like that? How is there a helmet if there's nothing on her head?

This guy too? What is it- invisible?

Oh wait, it's the helmet OF THE FUTURE!!

That scarf-like thing they're both wearing around their necks- that's the helmet! I know- crazy, right?
This revolutionary helmet was designed by two genius ladies in Sweden. The Hövding helmet contains a special airbag that is triggered in the event of a bike accident. No more bulky shell on your head, no more sweaty helmet hair or pesky straps digging into your chin. The Hövding has you covered.

I remember hearing about this years ago when it was still in the prototype phase. Now, after seven years of research and development, its finally an actual product you can buy. Unfortunately, this kind of innovation doesn't come cheap. One of these bad boys will set you back 399 Euros (about $540)- yikes!

Hopefully they will become wildly successful and the price will come down a bit. Until then, I'll stick to my old-fashioned helmet and dream of the day I can ride with the wind in my hair and a crazy futuristic helmet scarf around my neck.

Check out the Hövding in action here.

[Photos via Jalopnik]

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