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With Thanksgiving just days away, it's about time to start thinking about holiday cards. For those of you not sending photo cards, I thought I'd share some of the best holiday cards I've come across so far this year. 

This fluffy ski bunny just kills me. Dear Hancock  is now making cards featuring this stoic little dude for just about every holiday, and each one is cuter than the last.

Greenwich Letterpress may be based in NY, but they've managed to design the most amazing San Francisco card ever.

Another great card from Greenwich Letterpress. I don't know what this dog is wearing, but she's definitely having a good time! 

Night Owl Paper Goods prints their cards on sheets of real birch wood. And most of them feature adorable animals like this stack o' hedgehogs- what else could you need in a card??

Sapling Press never fails to have the most hilarious and clever cards (though most of them probably won't be appreciated by your grandma).

Since Hanukkah falls so early this year, you can't really pretend the generic "Happy Holidays" card you send your Jewish friends on December 22nd is for Hanukkah. Own up to wishing them a Merry Christmas with this card from La Familia Green

[Top "Merry and Bright" card from Rifle Paper Co.]

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