photoshop for reals

This physical model of Photoshop is so clever. Look at all the detail! I think the color palettes on the right are my favorite part. 

After coming across this photo on their tumblr, I checked out Photojojo's online shop. I'm not a serious photographer, but all the awesome gizmos in their shop could definitely inspire me to take more photos.
This flash bounce is genius- maybe I wouldn't be afraid to use my flash if I had one of these. I think I could have a lot of fun with this bike mount for a camera or smart phone. And as much as I love my old Polaroid, I can't help but kind of want one of these high tech new instant cameras

P.S. All you fellow Photoshop nerds out there should check out Buzzfeed's recent round up of simple tips for editing photos. 

[Photo via Photojojo. Artist directors: Andeas Junus and Irawandhani Kamarga. Photographer: Anton Ismael]

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