It's summer, and that means I pretty much want to live in cutoffs. I've been on the hunt for a new pair after my trusty old favorites finally bit the dust. I was eyeing a pair at Madewell, but I just can't justify paying big bucks for something that is so easy to make yourself. Unfortunately, I didn't have any old jeans I could just cut (why can't my jeans ever get holes in the knees instead of the inseam??), so I decided to hit up my local thrift store. 

The men's section provided me with this sweet pair of J.Crew jeans for a mere $7.99. They were about 5" too short and flared at the ankle, but it didn't matter as it was all going to get cut off. All you need to look for is jeans that are a good color and fit you around the waist (so much easier than shopping for full length jeans!). I tend to have better luck in the men's section as I like my cutoffs a little looser and you can almost always find an old broken-in pair of Levis.

Once you've got a good pair of jeans, it's time to bust out your scissors. I like to use another pair of shorts that fit me as a guide. Just lay them on top and follow them as you cut. It's more flattering if you cut your shorts at a slight angle, with the inseam being a little longer. It's best to error on the safe side and start cutting a little longer than you think you want. You can always shorten them more once you try them on, or roll them up.

Here, I made you a gif! So get chopping!

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