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In this post-holiday season of sales! sales! and more sales! I've noticed a plethora of deals on shower curtains. For some reason, cloth shower curtains seem to frequently go on sale for drastically reduced prices. I tend to keep an eye out for them, as they have many uses beyond the bathroom. 

When it comes down to it, a cloth shower curtain is really just a large piece of fabric. They usually measure 72" square, which is two very wide yards of fabric (when you buy fabric by the yard, its usually no wider than 54"). An added bonus is the great prints you can find. I often have a hard time finding cute prints at fabric stores, especially in any fabrics heavier than a shirting weight.

Here are a few great prints I've found (and all on sale!):

[clockwise from top left: Aqua Banner, Aqua Triangles, Yellow Ikat, Grey Ferns]

The simplest alternative use for a shower curtain is to just use it as a curtain in another room of your home. With some stylish hardware (don't even think of using those plastic rings from the shower!) no one will guess it was meant to hang over a bathtub. I just ordered the aqua banner curtain above, and I'm planning to use it in place of a closet door in my tiny bedroom.

With minimal sewing skills, you can turn a curtain into a tablecloth or beach blanket. Just trim off the top few inches (where the shower rings would go) and then hem the cut edge. Those with more skills can transform a curtain into throw pillows, slipcovers, a dog bed...the possibilities are endless!

Here are a few more shower curtain deals:

[Black & White Floral, Small Blue & Black Floral, Purple Chevron, Zigzag Corsage]

[Top image via West Elm]

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