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Looks like I better clear some space on my coffee table! Is it just me, or is every design blogger coming out with a book this spring?? Here's a round-up of my favorite new books by bloggers:

I just got my hands on a copy of Justina Blakeney's The New Bohemians a few days ago and it is gorgeous! It might be worth buying for these illustrations alone, but really every page is just bursting with colorful inspiration! The book features photos of twenty homes, as well as DIY guides, decorating advice, and a plant encyclopedia to help you embrace Justina's Bohemian "Jungalow" aesthetic. 

SF Girl By Bay's See San Francisco doesn't come out until April 28th, but the preview images I've seen are really beautiful. With Victoria Smith's bright, clear photography, its sure to be a great coffee table book (and amazingly, she took all the photos with her phone!). We better enjoy photos of the unique sites of SF now, before Google takes over the whole city!

Like everything Joy Cho does, the new Oh Joy book is full of great style, cheery bright colors, and plenty of gold (check out the gold foil on the cover!). It features 60 projects for entertaining, cooking, decor and fashion. Even if you don't end up actually doing any of the crafts, you're sure to be inspired by the fun styling and fantastic photos! Her blog features a sneak peek inside the book here.

Brit + Co publishes a crazy amount of content on their site, and their new book is no slacker either. The cover of Homemakers proclaims that it features over 1000 creative ideas for your home, and I don't think its exaggerating! Brit Morin puts a modern spin on homemaking and offers a really wide range of projects. Whether you're into decor, crafting, cooking, or health - this book's got you covered.

I don't have kids yet, but when I do, I will certainly look to the Design Mom book for decorating advice. How she manages to raise six (yes, SIX!) kids in the Bay Area without her house looking like a garbage dump is beyond me. I think most of us could probably benefit from her practical storage solutions and tips for making your home a more thoughtfully designed place, whether or not kids are in the picture.

[from top: vase photo from Oh Joy, New Bohemians photo from The Jungalow, See San Francisco photo from SF Girl By Bay, Oh Joy photo from Oh Joy, Homemakers photo from Brit + Co, Design Mom photo from Design Mom]

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