palette picks: forest green

Lately, I've really been coming around to Forest Green. For a long time I didn't have great associations with the color: my childhood school uniform, the Ford Explorer everyone seemed to drive in the 90s (why must car colors always have that gross metallic sheen?). It's also really easy for it to look too Christmasy. Forest Green is undoubtably a very pretty color, but it can really change depending on what its paired with. I like it to brighten it up by combining it with bright, warm colors rather than the predictable navy or brown. This fall, I'm loving the fresh combination of Forest Green with peachy pink, goldenrod and rust:

[Top Palette photo by Susanna Vento. Collage photos Clockwise from Top Left:  Moroccan house via Through the French eye of Design, Peach Green Wallpaper by Lindsay Cowles,  Palm print via Alexandra Heide, Nail polish by Pointless Cafe, Tilda Swinton via fanpop, girl with bun via milk + honey, table and chairs via Architectural Digest, green skirt from Larmoni]