the bookshelves of my dreams

Hey, remember it was my birthday last weekend? In case you still want to get me a gift, I'll take these bookshelves and this library ladder please (oh and I'll also need a new house with really high ceilings, thanks). I have been waiting and waiting for the fall issue of domino to come out so I could finally see these bookshelves, and I think they were worth the wait! Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook is an absolute decorating genius, and I'm green with envy over these shelves. 

What's that, you wanted to see the side view? Yep, still fantastic. She styled them beautifully as well. It's so nice to see shelves actually full of books that look like they've been read and used. It seems like so many shelves you see in photo shoots these days are just full of art and vases with a few pretty books thrown in for good measure. Oh, and don't even get me started on how gorgeous those hardwood floors are. 

OK, one more photo. Close-up on that vintage library ladder. I've been wanting one of these since I was a kid. If I had one, I'd be sliding back and forth all day LIKE IT WAS MY JOB. How does that song from Beauty and the Beast go again? Actually, maybe it's better if I don't get one...

Check out the full post on LGN for even more photos. And if you don't quite have the cash for custom built-ins yet, she also has a great post on how to DIY the look using IKEA shelves. 

[all photos from Little Green Notebook]

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