florals for men

From top left: beige hat, lt blue hat, navy hat, chambray shirt, floral jacket

I have often thought I would die of boredom if I had to wear men's clothes, but things do seem to be getting a little more exciting over in the men's section lately. Menswear designers are embracing color and patten- even florals! Hawaiian prints seem to surface every summer, but these florals are a new take on traditional floral and ditsy prints. They've been modernized with a darker, more muted color palette to keep them from looking too grandmotherly.

From left: paisley tank, button-up shirt, cream socks, olive socks

I'm all for men adding some flowers to their wardrobe. It seems only fair that they get to have some fun, especially with the color and print mixing free-for-all going on now in women's fashion. I think this trend is most successful when guys keep the rest of their outfit more casual and rugged to toughen up the florals a bit (side note: since when does Nordstrom use models with mustaches and sleeve tattoos??).

For more of my floral picks, check out my Pinterest page.

What do you think- are men ready to embrace floral prints?

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