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I saw these Liberty Print pajamas in the J.Crew catalog way back in December and instantly wanted them... until I saw the price tag. I have always loved Liberty prints, and Pink Wiltshire might be one of my favorite prints ever. Even so, its mighty hard to justify spending $200 on something I'll never wear out of the house and will probably spill ketchup on while I'm eating breakfast. 

So Christmas came and went (apparently Santa didn't want to shell out the big bucks either), and I crossed my fingers that they would go on sale. J.Crew is crafty with their sales though, and the best stuff always seems to disappear from the website as soon as a big sale is on. At one point, I saw them listed for $120, but my size was sold out...and then poof! They were gone.

...and I was sad. 

Fortunately, my old pals Gilligan & O'Malley came to my rescue. I happened upon these pajamas at Target a couple weeks ago for only $25! They may not be made of luxurious Liberty fabric (which actually costs more per yard than this whole pajama set), but the quality is surprisingly good. I love how bright and crazy the print is, and they even have contrasting pink piping! I'm quite pleased with them, especially considering I could buy EIGHT pairs for price of the J.Crew set. 

Now my only question is: What am I gonna do with all the money I saved?!?

P.S. The Target set also comes in more boring subtle prints, but I think you might as well go bold when it comes to pajamas.

[left pajamas from  J.Crew, right from Gilligan & O'Malley]

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