a floor of flowers

When we first moved in to this apartment, we had a hard time figuring out how arrange the furniture in the living room. It's a relatively small apartment and there is no dining room, so the long, narrow living room needed to fit both a sitting and an eating area. 

After some re-arranging, we finally figured out a furniture configuration that worked, but the space still felt unfinished. We needed a way to visually differentiate the sitting area from the dining area. We needed a rug!

I shopped around for some options and soon discovered that finding a great rug that doesn't cost a month's salary is near impossible. We already had a fair amount of color and print in the room, so I started out trying to find something relatively neutral:

The search for neutrals didn't last long, however. I don't know why I even tried- I'm terrible at buying things in neutral colors (like, even when I need to buy a white t-shirt, I end up buying yellow instead). I kept coming back to two prints from Dash & Albert that I had long admired:

The Tin Slate was a safer choice, but once I saw it in person, I thought the scale was a little small for the room. The Hot House was a big, bold print, but the soft colors helped tone it down somewhat. I decided to throw caution to the wind, I was in love!

When the rug arrived, unrolling it was like having a field of flowers magically sprout up from my floorboards. I felt like I was watching this scene from The Secret Life of Plants (I may have danced around a bit):

The only problem is how much attention it draws to our old and funky our coffee table. That might have to be next on the list of projects...

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