Movin' on up?

My Dear Readers,

I would like to apologize for leaving you hanging for so long. I’m sure many of you have been laying awake late at night asking yourself, “Why aren’t there any new kinda pretty great posts?? Where has she gone? How could she do this to us?!?”

Well, the short answer is: I moved.

We only moved across town, but it felt like much farther. After our previous landlord went bankrupt, we had to move out of our ground floor apartment in a big beautiful old house with an enormous yard. Thanks to the insane rental market right now, the only place we could find was a smaller (and more expensive!) unit in a duplex with a small chunk of dead grass for a front yard.

The previous tenants were a bunch of dirty hippies (I’m using that term very literally here), so we’ve had our work cut out for us:

(If only they’d left us that chair that looks like a hand!)

Scrubbing everything down to remove the funk has taken some time (and a lot of trips to Target), but the new place is slowly starting to come together with each box I unpack.

The most tragic part of the move was having to say goodbye to our chickens. Our new apartment allows dogs, but there was no room for six hens. We found them a great new home with a very excited old lady, but it made for an extra sad moving day.

Stay tuned for more photos and projects as I work to turn this hippie cesspool into a home!

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